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Video Production

Here is a brief overview of services that Darner media can offer you in the Ottawa, Ontario area - if you have any questions or I haven't mentioned what you need, feel free to contact me.

Freelance Final Cut Pro Editor

Since 2004 I have been using Final Cut to edit video for clients and applying my knowledge of the rest of Final Cut Studio suite of applications such as Compressor, Motion and DVD Studio Pro. Prior to using Final Cut Pro, I have used Final Cut Express, a couple of versions of Avid and Premier, as well as some early Newtek products.

Celebratory Videos for birthdays, retirements, anniversaries

Recently, it has become popular to have a video created to mark these special occasions that can be shown at the event using a projector and/or given to recipients on DVD.

These types of videos are generally comprised of digital or film photographs, snippets of video, and occasionally "interview" video of family, friends or colleagues edited together for effect.

Event Video

Over the years I have covered so many events, it is hard to keep track of them all, and I can bring that experience to your event. Contact me

Web video

Online video has exploded in popularity, and many companies are using it to promote and demonstrate their products and services. I can help you take your ideas and put them online, either taking an existing promotional video and editing it for use on the web or starting fresh and producing a video for you.

Video on the web can be used to demonstrate how to use your product, eliminating some email or telephone support calls, to showcase your companies abilities, or, to draw attention with some creative video.

Demo videos

Actors, singers, and models sometimes need to submit an introductory demo video for various projects which I can produce for you.

Wedding video

No, I will not shoot your wedding video, even though I am delighted to hear that you are getting married. Sorry!

However, if you have video and photos from your wedding that you would like edited together from the day, I would be very happy to help you.